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The project manager must know about the project process. The report enables to receive detailed statement in the project management. Report is a written summary of the project control processes and project results. The following six criteria are necessary for the report: time (if a project corresponds to the time scheduling); costs (if a project does not exceed the planned budget); resources (how much time is spent on a project); project frameworks (if they do not deviate from the planned); quality (if the quality problems are considered and analyzed); activities (which activity is not accomplish). The project should be estimated on the basis of these criteria to find out which part of the project is correct or has problems.

Goal of the report is the preparation of the up-to-date information as a basis for the decision-making for the defined target group (e.g. stakeholder). All deviations are described in the report and are transparent for all stakeholders. The report is created on the basis for target/actual comparison of the individual controlling packages.

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