InLoox PM 7.6 (March 1st 2013)

New Features:

- Add MS Windows 8 (32/64 Bit) support

- Add MS Office 2013 (32/64 Bit) support

- Add InLoox PM view only license

- Improved project dialog performance

- Improved Outlook start behavior

- Improved address book performance

- Add contact migration feature

- Add new command parameters for silent terminal server installation available (LOG, TERMINALSERVER, VISIBLEALL)



- System date format with two digit year supported correctly

- Work package list now updated on outlook startup correctly

- Mind map node dialog now locked correctly in read only mode

- Suppress locking if dialogs are opened in read only mode

- Fix Outlook hang while saving mind map with custom fields

- Fix exception while exporting mind map with custom fields

- Fix history refresh interval

- Modify scroll behavior in address book dialog

- Document preview not updated if preview panel is not visible

- New Time tracking entries linked to activities are initialize with resource costs

- Activity fields in time tracking item now locked correctly

- Fix preview handler exception in 32bit outlook

- Fix exception in project recycler dialog

- Enter opens planning dialog in Gantt view

- Fix close behavior in document copy progress dialog